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Photo: Zoe Wample

I am a movement artist, writer, and archivist interested in the contemporary body as the continuation of ancestral legacy, and as a site for exploration and confrontation. My performance work investigates our reductive, misinformed cultural understandings of women’s lives and legacies.
My choreography often grapples with archival materials, combining traditionally crafted material with found movement, text, and audio from sources as wide ranging as archives, books, radio, social media, and internet videos. The movement language and text stem from my contemporary training, my Jewishness, and my work as an archivist and writer. When working with other artists, devising techniques expand my work to reflect experiences both alike and unlike my own. I often contrast the beautiful with the unsettling. I utilize spoken word to heighten emotional extremes and narrative threads, colliding text and narrative with pure movement and abstraction. Much of my work seeks to problematize of the concept of “truth” in biographical/historical creative product. 

I create performance that is intellectually rigorous, yet invites audiences of all backgrounds and interests to join me inside of that rigor. 

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