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Photo: Zoe Wample

I am a movement artist, writer, and archivist.

Across mediums, my work is grounded in womanhood, history, ritual, and inheritance. I am interested in the contemporary body as the continuation of ancestral legacy, and as a site for exploration and confrontation. My recent work has dealt with the collision of the personal and political through my own familial lineage, Jewishness, and contemporary issues of gender and culture. My poetic works draw from my dance training by centering the body as a source for language and understanding. Similarly, my dances frequently feature text and poetics. I often work in a form which could be called "dance theater," integrating the voice, and other theatrical elements into my movement practice. My creative practice relies heavily upon research, both academic and personal. 


Stemming from my work as a dance archivist and archiving educator/advocate, my choreography often grapples with archival audio and text as inspirations and elements of the dances. The movement language stems from my modern/contemporary training, my cultural background, and the cultures, movement choices, and lived experiences of my dancers and collaborators. Collaboration is key to my process, and I work closely with composers, sound designers, animators, filmmakers, and lighting designers in my pursuit of dance works which create all-encompassing atmospheres. 

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